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You help us, we help you! Your website will show up on vehicle pages of those who own a vehicle that your forum supports.

With our vBulletin plug-in installed, your forum link can see up to 100,000 views a day! All this for FREE. For more information, please visit our FAQs Page.

  • 1. Download and Install the FREE Plug-in.

    Install our FQuick Garage Plug-in on your vBulletin Forums in minutes! The zip file includes the plug-in, images, and instructions.

    Don't be scared, it really is easy to install - we have faith in you!
  • 2. Inform Your Community about the Plug-in.

    It's one thing to install the plug-in. You must now tell your forum members about FQuick and the plug-in. The more members that use the FQuick plug-in on your website, the more exposure your website will receive.

    Please create a forum thread on your forum, sticky it if at all possible, to make sure your forum members use it!
  • 3. Submit the Form Below.

    Yep, you're almost done. Wasn't so bad was it? After you have installed and informed your community, fill out this form to join our network.

    Banner must be 468 width by 60 height in JPG format.

    Enter a brief description of your site. Please include the makes and models your forum covers. If your forum is a state-specific forum, please include that.
    Note: You must have at least 100 forum members to be added to the FQuick Network.
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