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408Chevelle's User Image
Owner: 408Chevelle
Last Updated: 6/25/11
Vehicle Views: 10,428
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408Chevelle's Vehicle Feed

06/25/11 -
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06/18/11 -
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Basic Specifications

Vehicle Color: Fathon Blue
Engine Type: 8 Cylinder
Transmission: Auto
Est. Horsepower: 500 HP
Est. Curb Weight: 3,430 lbs.

Showing Off

Awards Won:
-Nov. '06 Issue of Chevy High Performance
408Chevelle's Chevelle
-Jan. '07 Issue of Chevy High Performance
408Chevelle's Chevelle
-May '07 Issue of Super Chevy
408Chevelle's Chevelle
-Aug. '08 Issue of Chevy High Performance
408Chevelle's Chevelle
-Nov. '09 Issue of Chevy High Performance
408Chevelle's Chevelle

408Chevelle's 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle
1970 Chevrolet Chevelle
1970 Chevrolet Chevelle

About this Current Vehicle:

My Dad and I started restoring it in December of 2003 and it will never be finished. There's always something to upgrade, fix or tune and that's my favorite thing about it. We did everything except paint and body work. I'll NEVER sell it!

A little history: From decoding the trim-tag I've found that it was built in Van Nuys California during the 4th week of January 1970. I found the build sheet on 12/22/06 above the gas tank while replacing the float. It let me know the car was sold at Bob Frink Chevrolet in Sacramento California. How many owners it's had before me and how it got to GA, I have no clue.

Vehicle Journal:

Oct 19

Suspension Overhaul

This year's winter project was a complete suspension overhaul!

-Moog front springs
-Adjustable VariShocks
-UMI Performance 1.250" front sway bar
-All new ball joints and bushings
-New steering components (rod ends, pitman arm, etc.)
-HRPartsNstuff rear anti-roll bar

408Chevelle's Chevelle

408Chevelle's Chevelle

408Chevelle's Chevelle

408Chevelle's Chevelle

Mar 16

New LCA relocation brackets

I'm one step closer to completing the rear suspension with these LCA relocators from UMI Performance. All I have to do now is get an anti-roll bar and it'll be done. I could tell a noticable difference at how hard the tires hit the pavement once I installed them!

408Chevelle's Chevelle

408Chevelle's Chevelle

Dec 21

Interior update

I just finished working on the interior today and upgraded a lot!

-Swapped the Malibu dash to a SS dash
-Put in a factory appearing radio with more power and iPod connections
- Retro-fitted a Hurst Quarter Stick in a factory console
-Installed a comfort grip steering wheel
-Installed new carpet

408Chevelle's Chevelle

408Chevelle's Chevelle

Factory Options:

-307 with a two barrel carb
-Turbo 350 automatic
-2.73 Rear gears
-Power steering
-Basic AM radio

Exterior Modifications:

From the factory my Chevelle was Champagne Gold, but it was primed when I bought it. When it was time for paint and body work, it was stripped to bare metal and sprayed Fathom Blue, an original Chevy color from 1970. Other than the paint, shaved fender emblems and wheels, it's all stock appearing.

Interior Modifications:

From the factory it had a dark green vinyl bench seat interior. It is now all black with bucket seats. The only non-original appearing parts are the Kenwood speakers, Autometer gauges and Hurst Quarterstick retro-fitted in a factory console. I've also converted from a Malibu sweep dash to a SS dash.


-Small block 400 (509 block) bored 0.040 over (408)
-5.565 connecting rods
-Speed-Pro Hyper pistons
-10.0:1 static compression ratio
-AFR Eliminator 195/65cc heads
-Lunati Voodoo 60104 cam
-Summit 1.5 roller rockers
-Edelbrock RPM Air Gap Intake
-Holley HP Street 750 Double Pumper
-K&N Filter
-MSD 6A box
-MSD 8.5 plug wires
-1 and 5/8" Hedman headers
-2 1/2" full exhaust with a H-pipe


-Moog 5380 coil springs
-Single adjustable VariShocks
-UMI Performance 1.250" sway bar
-All new ball joints and poly bushings
-Jeep Grand Cherokee steering box

-UMI Performance adjustable upper control arms
-UMI Performance lower control arms
-UMI Performance lower control arm relocation brackets
-QA1 Stocker Star AL adjustable shocks
-HRpartsNstuff Anti-roll bar

-American Racing Torque Thrust D: front = 5x7” with 3.75 BS, rear = 15x8” with 4.5 BS
-BF Goodrich Radial T/A: front = 215/65/15, rear = 275/60/15


-Small block 408
-Turbo 400 trans
-Hughes Performance 2,500 stall
-12 bolt rear
-Richmond 3.55 gears
-Eaton posi carrier
-Wilwood front disk brakes


-AM/FM Retro Radio from Ausley's Chevelle (looks stock, but has more power and iPod connections.)
-Kenwood Speakers
-M&H wiring harness

To-Do List:

-Full Interior kit
-Go to the track, looking for low 12s with traction

65 Comments on 408Chevelle's Chevelle

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OUTLAW-53's User Image
Link to OUTLAW-53's Comment Report OUTLAW-53's Post
OUTLAW-53 on August 28 2010, 12:15 am

Love your chevelle have done a lot of work to her looks beautiful Grin

Kamauxx's User Image
Link to Kamauxx's Comment Report Kamauxx's Post
Kamauxx on August 09 2010, 2:52 pm

Man that's nice!

zXtreeme92's User Image
Link to zXtreeme92's Comment Report zXtreeme92's Post
zXtreeme92 on July 10 2010, 8:55 pm

Nice ride and I gave you another 15 stars to increase your ratings, If you have a chance I would appreciate you rating and comment on mine, Thanks

Link to LT1DOWNUNDER's Comment Report LT1DOWNUNDER's Post
LT1DOWNUNDER on April 21 2010, 3:45 pm

Drool great looking car

Donziman's User Image
Link to Donziman's Comment Report Donziman's Post
Donziman on April 01 2010, 11:11 pm

Great looking car.The father son projects are the best .You will always remember this car and how much fun you had gettin close to your pop. I'm sure he taught you a thing or two. My son and i did a similar car 1970 Pontiac Lemans.After many mods complet

cbailey's User Image
Link to cbailey's Comment Report cbailey's Post
cbailey on March 29 2010, 11:15 pm

2a7x3 Aircraft sheetmetal mechanic when I worked on the f-15
2a7x5 Low Observable Sealth coatings technician currently on the f-22

kyphur's User Image
Link to kyphur's Comment Report kyphur's Post
kyphur on March 29 2010, 8:52 pm

Depends on which block you're talking about, ha ha. Right now I'm just building the 355 with all forged internals at around 10.4 or so cr with 215 Dart heads, full roller setup with .603/.610 lift 274/280 duration. With that and the six speed under it

kyphur's User Image
Link to kyphur's Comment Report kyphur's Post
kyphur on March 29 2010, 2:55 pm

Beautiful car with some awesome awards/mentions. I think I saw it in the Chevy Performers mag. Almost went 400 a few months ago but the block I had was cracked pretty badly. Will be going to a Dart block later on.

cbailey's User Image
Link to cbailey's Comment Report cbailey's Post
cbailey on March 29 2010, 11:42 am

Im jealous, 70 is my favorite year, where in GA are you?

Noonan66's User Image
Link to Noonan66's Comment Report Noonan66's Post
Noonan66 on March 14 2010, 4:59 am

OMG Bow Thats exactly what I want my chevelle to look like but black w/ white stripes and a built 454 regardless that is an amazing looking car!!

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