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pyro's User Image
Owner: pyro
Last Updated: 4/22/07
Vehicle Views: 7,176
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Basic Specifications

Vehicle Color: White
Engine Type: 6 Cylinder
Transmission: Auto
Est. Horsepower: 195 HP
Mileage: 88,000 miles

pyro's 1999 Pontiac Grand Am

I don't name my car, asshole.

1999 Pontiac Grand Am
1999 Pontiac Grand Am
1999 Pontiac Grand Am

About this Previous Vehicle:

SOLD!! Unfortunately i had to part with my Grand Ma. Sad

Review: I never really planned to do much with this car, just clean it up a bit to make it my own. It was a downward spiral once i was introduced to the world of LED's *sigh*
With the recent influence of others, i have decided to keep the car rather than trade it in for a goat (not that id get anything for it anyways). I plan on making it a garage beauty once my storage unit is done. The show scene is slowly taking over the car, and i keep tweaking things to perfect it (keeping in mind its a daily driver).
Thanks for checking out my page, and be sure to leave me some FEEDBACK!
"Reppin' The SE's Since 2004"

Claim(s) to Fame:
* Cleanest SE this side of the Mississip'
* 2006 and 2007 Calendar Car
* 2007 Calendar Car
* August 2006/ April 2007 Car of the Month
* 1st Place 2007 WTW 90-99 AAP Car
* "Most badass tails ever"(x2)

What's Next
* More LED's
* Whatever else i decide.
* Repairs FTL :/

Factory Options:

16" rims, 6-way power seats, spoiler, monsoon stereo system, other stuff since removed.

Exterior Modifications:

* black clear led tycs
* custom led 3rd Brakelight
* lower reverse parking light/ 6led reverses
* projector HID headlights w/ led rings
* debadged
* painted brakes
* 20% tint
* custom LED halo fogs w/ center strobes
* Magnaflow dual outlet exhaust tips
* all exterior bulbs are LEDs
* 8 head 2 zone led strobe kit

Interior Modifications:

* Stock FTW
* GT Speedo
* custom red led dome light


* Street Arsenal P&P LIM, UIM & TB
* CAI w/K&N #4730
* 180* Thermostat
* Gatorback belt
* 2.5" catback exhaust w/ Flowmaster 80 Series Muffler
* Magnecore 8.5mm sparkplug wires
* ACDelco Platnum Plus Sparkplugs


* F-Body front brake swap
* Rear disk swap
* Crossdrilled rotors all around
* Ceramic Pads
* Intrax Springs
* Springtech Struts
* 18 inch Millie Miglia Evo 5's wrapped in Cooper Zeon's


*DHP PCM mods:
*3-1 and 4-2 skip shifts
*Transmission line pressure increased
*Shift points moved (5800-6000rpms)


* sony 6 color changing cd player
* 1 polk MOMO 12" 800w sub
* powered by a pioneer 800w mono amp
* polk 350 watt 6x9s
* powered by a pioneer 760 watt 2 channel amp
* polk 150 watt 4x6s.
* optima redtop battery
* Mr.Alternator 160 Amp P/C Red alternator

To-Do List:


10 Comments on pyro's Grand Am

fstbandit's User Image
Link to fstbandit's Comment Report fstbandit's Post
fstbandit on March 14 2007, 8:50 am

nice grand am havent seen one this nice.........ever great job Thumbs Up

Sandman's User Image
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Sandman on March 12 2007, 7:11 pm

Very nice Thumbs Up

epic's User Image
Link to epic's Comment Report epic's Post
epic on March 03 2007, 12:46 am

This n-body has my approval. Grin

twztd_ion's User Image
Link to twztd_ion's Comment Report twztd_ion's Post
twztd_ion on December 06 2006, 5:53 pm

yo bitch.......lookin good man.....start puttin it in shows! Cool

HODriver's User Image
Link to HODriver's Comment Report HODriver's Post
HODriver on November 25 2006, 12:27 am

Nice Man, I should have you make me a set of those projectors, they are tits!

HODriver's User Image
Link to HODriver's Comment Report HODriver's Post
HODriver on November 25 2006, 12:26 am

Nice Man, I should have you make me a set of those projectors, they are tits!

SikMindz's User Image
Link to SikMindz's Comment Report SikMindz's Post
SikMindz on October 19 2006, 4:13 am

Should've kept the Mali...I will call you "Mini Magyver" Still can't believe you deleted the first comment there Susie Boy...

JBTheBizz's User Image
Link to JBTheBizz's Comment Report JBTheBizz's Post
JBTheBizz on October 16 2006, 5:21 pm

I love the way your car looks

badboy2451's User Image
Link to badboy2451's Comment Report badboy2451's Post
badboy2451 on October 13 2006, 9:48 am

im just tryin to support teh movement Smile

str8racn's User Image
Link to str8racn's Comment Report str8racn's Post
str8racn on October 12 2006, 6:54 pm

Nice GRand am

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