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Owner: Herooftheday17044
Last Updated: 6/4/15
Vehicle Views: 9,149
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06/04/15 -
Vehicle profile updated.
04/27/12 -
Added photos to gallery.
05/22/11 -
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05/11/11 -
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05/03/11 -
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Vehicle Soundclip

Basic Specifications

Vehicle Color: Brazen Orange Metallic
Engine Type: 8 Cylinder
Transmission: Auto
Est. Horsepower: 400 HP
Est. Curb Weight: 3,725 lbs.
Mileage: 6,600 miles

Herooftheday17044's Other Current Vehicles

Herooftheday17044's 2006 Pontiac GTO

Countdown To Extinction...

2006 Pontiac GTO
2006 Pontiac GTO
2006 Pontiac GTO

About this Current Vehicle:

Herooftheday17044's GTO Herooftheday17044's GTO Herooftheday17044's GTO
Herooftheday17044's GTO

2006 Pontiac GTO - Brazen Orange Metallic, Black Interior, Automatic Transmission, 17 inch wheels
(1 out of 180 made with this combination)
Brazen Orange Metallic was only offered in 2006.

( 66U 812 MX0 PZ9 )

- 400HP @5,200 rpm;
- 400 ft-lb of torque @4,000rpm
- Stock 0 - 60: 4.6 seconds
- Stock 1/4 Mile: 13.3 seconds
- Power/Weight Ratio: 9.5 lbs per Horsepower
- Performance handling capable of .86 lateral Gs of cornering force

Vehicle Journal:

May 08

My car featured twice in this GTO compilation video by Logan_Gto.

Pontiac GTO Compilation #3

May 08

My GTO slideshow

Factory Options:

Engine: 6.0L V8
Transmission: 4 Speed Automatic
Drivetrains: Rear Wheel Drive

5,970cc, 6.0 liter V-8, front engine with 101.6 mm bore, 92mm stroke, 10.9 compression ratio, overhead valve and two valves per cylinder LS2, Premium unleaded fuel 92, Multi-point injection fuel system, 18 gallon main premium unleaded fuel tank

Power: 298 kW , 400HP SAE@5,200 rpm; 400 ft lb , 542Nm @4,000rpm
Stock 0 - 60: 4.6 sec.
Stock 1/4 Mile: 13.3 sec.
Power/Weight Ratio: 9.5 lbs per Horsepower
Performance Handling Capable of .86 lateral Gs of cornering force

Four-wheel ABS
Four disc brakes including two ventilated discs
Electronic traction control via engine management
Rear limited slip differential
Spacesaver alloy rim internal spare wheel
Strut front suspension independent with stabilizer bar and coil springs
Trailing arm rear suspension independent with stabilizer bar and coil springs

Body color front and rear bumpers, Day time running lights, Driver and passenger power body color door mirrors

External Dimensions: overall length (inches): 189.8, overall width (inches): 72.5, overall height (inches): 54.9, wheelbase (inches): 109.8, front track (inches): 61.8, rear track (inches): 62.1 and curb to curb turning circle (feet): 36.1

Front fog lights
Projector beam lens halogen bulb headlights
Heat reflective glass
Luxury trim alloy & leather on gearknob, leather on doors and alloy look on dashboard
Trim stitching color matched to the exterior
Metallic paint
Fixed rear window with defogger
Tinted glass on cabin
Trunk/hatch spoiler
Weights: curb weight (lbs) 3,725
Windshield wipers with automatic intermittent wipe

12v power outlet: front and center console compartment
Air conditioning with rear outlet
Element antenna
Peripheral anti-theft protection
Audio anti-theft protection: code
Blaupunkt audio system with AM/FM, Disc Autochanger and six-disc remote changer
Ten speakers
Remote audio controls
Cargo area light
Cargo capacity: all seats in place (cu ft): 7
Computer with average speed, average fuel consumption, instantaneous fuel consumption and range for remaining fuel
Full dashboard and floor console with covered storage box
Delayed/fade courtesy lights
Cruise control
Front seats cup holders fixed
Door entry light
Door pockets/bins for driver seat and passenger seat
Floor covering: carpet in load area
Floor mats
Driver and passenger front airbag
Sports electrically adjustable driver and passenger seat with height adjustment, lumbar adjustment, four adjustments and tilt adjustment
Height adjustable 3-point reel front seat belts on driver seat and passenger seat with pre-tensioners
Front seat center armrest
Lockable glove compartment
Two height adjustable active head restraints on front seats , two height adjustable head restraints on rear seats
Headlight control with time delay switch-off and dusk sensor
Illuminated entry system
Internal dimensions: front headroom (inches): 37.3, rear headroom (inches): 37.3, front hip room (inches): 58, rear hip room (inches): 50.2, front leg room (inches): 42.2, rear leg room (inches): 37.1, front shoulder room (inches): 59.7 and rear shoulder room (inches): 51.7
Low fuel level warning
Remote power locks
Power steering
Front power windows with two one-touch
Front reading lights
3-point reel rear seat belts on driver side and passenger side
Two fixed bench/sports front facing rear seats with zero adjustments
Rear view mirror
Remote fuel filler door release
Remote control remote trunk/hatch release
Front seat back storage
Leather seat upholstery with additional leather
Seating: four seats
Leather covered multi-function steering wheel with tilt adjustment and telescopic adjustment
Illuminated driver and passenger vanity mirror
Ventilation system with recirculation setting

Exterior Modifications:

- Polished Stainless Steel GTO lettering inserts for the rear fascia
- Sylvania euro-style turn signal bulbs

Interior Modifications:



- Greddy Super Light Weight 1,000cc Oil Catch Can
- Resonator Delete
- K&N Drop-in Filter
- X-Pipe
- 255/45ZR17 BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDWS tires in the rear







To-Do List:

You know you drive a GTO when....

1. The only thing jealous people ask is "Hey is that a Cavalier."
2. You don't mind the crappy stereo because the exhaust sounds MUCH better.
3. Hardly anyone knows what it is…
4. Cops stop you mainly to talk about the car.
5. Your tire bills exceed your gas bills.
6. You call anything weighing 3800lbs or more a "fat pig" because your car weighs 3760lbs.
7. You can race from a roll OR a dig.
8. Your friends constantly ask, "Is that all you ever talk about?"
9. You put mods for your GTO on your Christmas wish list... and Birthday wish list... and Anniversary wish list... and Just-Because wish list.
10. Your passengers are all wet because they had to wait on the seat to move forward.
11. You own stock in Amoco, Goodyear, and Mobil Gas, Tires, and Oil.
12. The first thing you do when you get home is check out
13. When your car key is bigger than the key ring, you put it on...
14. When most of your detailing time is spent with a toothbrush and q-tips trying to get those damn stock 17's clean.
15. People stare at you with the “WTF?” face figuring out what that car is, why it is so fast, and why it is so loud.
16. You're going 100 on the interstate and you think you're only going 70.
17. Little kids run...
18. When you have photo shoots with just your car.
19. The neighborhood you live in adopts a sound ordinance governing vehicles.
20. When your neighbors lights come on as you drive home at 2 in the morning...
21. When you only slow down when the O/S beeps at 150.
22. When you now look forward to the long drive to work and home.
23. When your car is brighter than taxicabs and school buses...
24. When you know what “CGM”, “BOM”, “SRM”, “TR”, “YJ”, “QSM”, “PBM”, etc., stand for.
25. When Australia reminds you of a car instead of beer.
26. When you've answered the "Does that have a V8?" question so many times, now you just punch the next person that asks you.
27. You can chirp the tires even at 60.
28. You get signed Christmas cards from the CEO's of Exxon, Shell, and BP.
29. You car towing a jet ski is faster than the mustang in the next lane.
30. When you pull up next to another GTO and the other owner gives you a thumbs up.
31. In the morning when you get to work, you look for the burnout marks you left the previous day leaving.
32. You can’t hear your passengers talking...
33. Your driveway has more rubber on it than the local drag strip.
34. You spend more a month on your car than your monthly mortgage.
35. When you've answered the question "Does that say 6.0 cylinder?" with "Nah... 6.0 liter"
36. When the first word your friends say every time they get out of the car is “Wow.”
37. When you enter GTO as your initials on a video game.
38. When you accelerate to change lanes on the parkway and suddenly realize that your spinning your tires at 75 mph.
39. You know you own a GTO when getting caught at a stoplight is better than running it and most of the time it is planned.
40. When "Holden" becomes a part of your vocabulary.
41. You get speeding tickets in second gear.
42. You set off car alarms while starting your car.
43. Passing under an overpass gives you the urge to downshift.
44. When EVERYONE knows you as the "GTO guy.”
45. You own stock in Zaino.
46. You own more than one piece of clothing, hat, etc. with the GTO logo on it.
47. You get a sore neck from looking back so many times at your GTO as you walk away from it.
48. When you have to stop, look back, and smile at the car every time you park it.
49. You catch a red light late at night, and stay there when it turns green hoping something fast lines up next to you.
50. Your wife is always saying, "You love that car more than you love me."
51. You make Porsche owners turn pale and roll up their windows when you stop at a red light alongside them.
52. When you refer to a Sunday cruise as going hunting for some goat food.
53. When nothing takes off faster than you do from a stop light.
54. When your weekend shopping list includes tires, a few Ponies, Porches, and maybe a few ricers.
55. You take 45min to go pick up some food from a store 1 mile away from home (THE EXTRA LONG WAY!!!).
56. When you take-off softly in third gear in the rain!
57. When Mustangs pull U-turns in order to avoid you.
58. When you break your neck trying to get a glimpse of another goat going the opposite direction.
59. When the girlfriend mouths the word "Vroooommmm" when you start her up.
60. When you evaluate every curve/traffic circle for drift factor.
61. When you rev, instead of honk, when you pull up to your friend's house to let them know you are out front.
62. When you build a shed to store garage stuff so nothing gets near the goat.
63. You drive hours just to meet up with other goat owners.
64. You open the door to the garage at night just to look at the goat.
65. When you pass your house on the way home from work…
66. When your car key IS your key ring…
67. When you get pissed when you see another GTO owner and they don't respond to your thumbs up.
68. When you chase down other goats to tell them about a get together / cruise /
69. When for the first time ever your warranty will expire on time versus miles.
70. When you have dreams about your GTO good or bad.
71. When you have a bad dream about the car, you have to go check on it.
72. When after 2.5 years of ownership you still stare at it like the day you bought it.
73. When the first thing you do after starting your car is turn traction control off.
74. When you hit the high beams and burn small bushes on the sides of the road a mile in front of you.
75. When you say you love your goat and few people understand you while most people look at you weird.
76. You have to remove a skid plate designed for a 4x4 truck to change your oil.
77. The towels used to clean the GTO are cleaner than your bed sheets.
78. When you pay $200 for shipping a $100 part from down-under…
79. You get teary eyed when driving by a GM dealer, there are poor sad lonely GTO’s on the lot..., and they have been there waaaaay too long unloved... Why don't more people LOVE this car?!?!
80. Other cars think you are racing them when you are just driving the way you normally do.
81. When you stop and watch when someone is walking just a little too close to your car.
82. When you think your car is God’s gift to man, but try not to act like it.
83. When you really don’t give a damn about gas prices.
84. When ricers slow down and stop cutting through cars on the freeway after they notice you.
85. You hate the winter, because the track is closed.
86. The term, "hook up" makes you think about traction.
87. You do appearance mods under the hood, because everyone always wants to look.
88. Vette owners make you smile.
89. When "traction control" and "evil" become synonymous.
90. When you upgrade from a 120hp car to a 400hp car, and your insurance drops.
91. When you spend the first seconds of every race giving everyone else the head start while you are spinning tires.
92. When you are the only person around with an immaculately waxed paint job and skanky rims (17" people) because they are too much trouble to clean.
93. When you look forward to every gathering of "The Herd"
94. When you've nearly lost a testicle to the over sized key in your pocket.
95. When you've only had yours for two weeks... and are already trying to figure out how you can afford another one.
96. When you merge with traffic spinning tires sideways...
97. When Ferraris slow down on the highway to check out your GTO...
98. When you pass another performance car, you make sure you are in the right gear at the right speed to give them an earshot of our wonderful exhaust note.
99. Your Goat sounds sad as it’s decelerating.
100. When laugh at people who ask if your GTO is FWD.
101. When your friends constantly bring their friends over to your house and ask if you can show them the Goat.
102. When a cop who pulled you over a few months ago, pulls you over again to tell you that he bought one.
103. You are trying to figure out how to pull money out of joint checking account without your wife noticing.
104. You choose your next mods by determining what supercars your Goat will be able to eat with them.
105. Your car runs the 1/4 mile faster than your seats move.
106. When people ask you at the stop light to light up the tires.
107. When the street in front of your house is covered in "donuts.”
108. When you have a better chance of winning the lotto than seeing another GTO.
109. You cannot take people on road-trips because they do nothing but sleep because the car is too comfortable.
110. When you accidentally break your sunglasses, and begin shopping for new ones you consider how they will look in the GTO.
111. When you find yourself looking around to see if others are looking at you… and they are.
112. When you are soaking wet because you lowered the window an inch, while driving in the rain, just so you could hear the exhaust…
113. When you can hear the mechanics revving your car before they bring it back to you after inspection.
114. When shopping for new tires you look at their ability to grip at 150+mph.
115. No one believes you can get over 12mpg.
116. You set your “Over speed alarm” at the max because you're tired of hearing it go off.
117. When you park in the farthest corner of parking lots so that no one parks next to your GTO.
118. When everyone is so surprised that it is RWD and a V8.
119. Your car is mistaken for lesser forms of Pontiac.
120. When you win a $5 bet with your friends because they didn’t believe the gas tank was in the trunk.
121. When every time someone finds out you have a GTO and they start naming a list of mods they did to their car, and then ask you what you did to your GTO. You reply “Nothing....”
122. When you tell people, your car has a corvette motor and two baby seats in the back.
123. When you stop fantasizing about all the 'exotics' in car magazines...
124. When the Chevy dealer asks you when you are going to buy a Vette, and you can't stop laughing.
125. When you are sleepy on the highway and instead of drinking a red bull, you go 150 miles an hour.
126. People come up to you and say, "That thing has a bigger motor than my truck!"
127. When you just traded a BMW for a Pontiac…
128. When every ricer revs his engine up next to you and you just want to laugh.
129. When you find excuses to go places just so you can drive.
130. When you tell people how your car is one out of a three-digit number made.
131. You have a picture of your car on your desktop and framed at work.
132. When you have a 1:18 scale model of your Goat.
133. When the garage door shakes when you start it.
134. When you get gas and have a thirty-minute conversation with complete strangers…
135. When strangers ask you, “Is that a GTO? When did they bring that back!?” and you tell them, “2004 and they stopped making them 2 years ago in 2006.”
136. When you stare through a window of the garage to make sure nothing happens to your Goat while it is being inspected…
137. When F-bodies know you…, Imports don't know anything about you…, and all the Fords fuc*** hate you…
138. You put four car lengths on a BMW from a stoplight BEFORE your tires hook up...
139. When your d*ck is longer than your keyless entry range.
140. You park in a spot where you are the least likely to get a door ding...even if you have to walk twice as far.
141. You know you own a GTO when you always have to replace all the carpet clips you break trying to vacuum your interior.
142. When you look to order stock trim pieces just in case she might ever need them in the future.
143. When you can't save anymore pictures on your cellphone, because it's full of pictures of your car.
144. You buy a shrink-wrapped showroom brochure for it on Ebay...
145. You frame your GTO brochure, and you put your 1:16 GTO GMP die cast model in a glass display case.

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Bulldogwinters's User Image
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Bulldogwinters on May 03 2011, 7:44 pm

Amazing looking GTO!

MtnYankee's User Image
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MtnYankee on August 18 2009, 10:22 pm

Sweet ride. Orange GTO's are the fastest. Grin

woodywoody13's User Image
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woodywoody13 on April 03 2009, 8:18 pm


SatansBimmer's User Image
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SatansBimmer on March 04 2009, 4:13 pm

Bad ass color and a sound to match.

TheMyth's User Image
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TheMyth on January 27 2009, 9:59 am

Nice GTO, I still love them things, and I'm gonna have one some day soon...I hope.

Ron's User Image
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Ron on November 27 2008, 9:30 am

you wanted to see videos of my car well finaly got some footage up check it out btw nice GTO. Headbang

RojasSergio's User Image
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RojasSergio on November 10 2008, 10:57 pm

Thats a real clean GTO! Very nice!

NC_06GOAT's User Image
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NC_06GOAT on November 07 2008, 10:07 pm

Great page dude. really like the flaming jac-O's.
I have to admit i was really expecting
HERO OF THE DAY for your sound clip. Cool

badgoat06's User Image
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badgoat06 on November 07 2008, 8:20 pm

Nice Goat, I love BOM! ^^^^So true!

doomsdaymachine's User Image
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doomsdaymachine on October 23 2008, 3:47 pm

nice car bro Headbang

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