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BLS2.3's User Image
Owner: BLS2.3
Last Updated: 10/4/09
Vehicle Views: 921
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BLS2.3's Vehicle Feed

10/04/09 -
Vehicle profile updated.
10/02/09 -
Vehicle profile updated.

Basic Specifications

Vehicle Color: Red
Engine Type: 4 Cylinder
Transmission: Manual
Est. Horsepower: 95 HP
Est. Curb Weight: 2,700 lbs.
Mileage: 195,000 miles

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BLS2.3's 1990 Ford Mustang

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1990 Ford Mustang
1990 Ford Mustang

About this Current Vehicle:

Nothing real special.....yet.

2.3l Turbo Coupe engine is being built.

Factory Options:

Just your basic LX 4 cylinder

Exterior Modifications:

16x8 Cobra style rims, Tinted windows, Ranger air dam, body moldings removed

Interior Modifications:

GUTTED from the front seats back


DIY cold air intake, Ranger header, Ranger roller cam, Ford Taurus electric fan, A/C removed, 5.0 Spindles & front disk brakes w/72mm Lincoln calipers, Lots of weight reduction. ~2700lb race weight without driver


Poly bushings everywhere, Ford Motorsport springs, Koni Red shocks & struts, Eibach anti-sway bars


Currently all factory, 8.8 rear axle waiting for gears & Turbo coupe disk brake install


Unnecessary weight

To-Do List:

'87 2.3l turbo:
Home ported n/a head w/stainless valves
Ranger Roller cam
Ported & knife edged lower, gutted upper w/60mm Super Coupe throttle body
23"x12"x3" front mount intercooler
Home ported E6 exhaust manifold
IHI turbo @17psi (for now)
3" exhaust w/cutout, dump @ axle
MegaSquirt w/palm for tuning & dataloging
T5 w/Spec stage 3 clutch
8.8 w/3.55:1

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