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69Mach1-409's Mustang GT Journal
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Nov 14

New PB 11-12-11!!!

New PB at the 10th Annual Andrew Bauer Memorial Nats at Cecil County Drags.

RT- .094
60'- 1.661
1/8 ET- 7.427
1/8 MPH- 96.14
1/4 ET- 11.543
1/4 MPH- 120.78

Had a Trio of 11.5X's and 60' in the 1.6 range!

Oct 13

Cam Covers are on!

After 3+ hrs of pain in the ass work, the Powder Coated Cam covers are on...

Oct 06

Went down to Cecil last night

Brought my son and GF so I couldn't stay too long.. so I made 5 runs in less then 2hrs. Zero cool down time and I clicked off a new 'best' ET / Trap.. I also got my new best 60' a damn shame they weren't on the same run!!! LMAO!!

- 12.17 @ 117.7 mph 1.863 60' RT .167
- 12.09 @ 117.7 mph 1.846 60' RT .352
- 11.94 @ 117.1 mph 1.682 60' RT .092
- 11.83 @ 119.0 mph 1.768 60' RT .040
- 11.80 @ 119.4 mph 1.738 60' RT .331

Not bad.. with a nice cool down (IAT's were in the 125F range) and colder weather I think she has low 11 potential.

Sep 27

Hood & STB are finally on..

After months of bullshit.. I finally took my hood to Egon's Autobody in Carney's Point, NJ to get it painted.

They couldn't say enough good things about the hood and how little work it took.

Looks great and I'm finally glad I bought it.

May 26

The hood is in!

Finally got the call that my Kaenen (Steeda / BlowByRacing) 3" cowl hood came in. Picking it up on my long break today!

May 10

Smaller Pulley

Finally got the 3.25" pulley.. should put me at a full 10-11psi instead of the 8-9 I've been seeing.

Apr 06

LED Ford green > Cobalt Blue

Converted all the switchgear from the Ford green LEDs to a Cobalt like blue LED. The match the gauges and MyColor dash almost perfectly!

Hope to have some pics up soon.

Mar 09

Imports vs Domestics @ Etown 03-12-11

Hope to see some of you there!

If you see me, come on up and say high. Name's Jason and I'll be with a group of guys that are running as well.

Oct 22


Hot off the drive up there she ran an 11.96 @ 118.29mph w/ 1.83 60' followed up by an 11.85 @ 118.98mph w/ 1.81 60' !!!!!

..and par for the course, the driver (me) got worse as the night went on.. blew the launch on my 3rd run w/ a 1.99 60' and aborted.. fourth attempt I pulled a 1.70 60' and hit a wall attempting to shift to 2nd.. aborted... fifth I stalled the damn car doing the burnout.. yay traction control!! (we need a banging head against the wall icon) Had to go upto the tree with cold tires and my 60' was complete **** along with massive spin on every shift... think I ran a 12 something at 116..

It was only 8pm and the place was empty.. could of done 12+ runs easy if I wanted to.. but after screwing up on my 3rd run I knew I was over thinking things on the 4th / 5th so I figured it was best to call it a night.

Oct 20

Heading to Atco tomorrow night

Hopefully getting some decent runs in tomorrow night at Atco.

Will post up after, either way..

Displaying Results 0-10 of 23