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Escort Live SmartCord meets the cloud

Radar detection has taken the next step.

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Escort Live SmartCord meets the cloud
If you use a radar detector for your ride that is from Escort or Beltronics a new power cord is launching soon from Escort that will fit more than a million of those radar detectors already in the wild. This cord does more than just hook the radar detector to your power source. The Escort Live SmartCord Live bundle will connect your detector to the cloud for real time updates on just where the man is in your town.

The SmartCord Live is a power cord that will replace the cord on existing compatible detectors. The cord has Bluetooth connectivity inside and will connect to either Android smartphone or the iPhone using an available app. When connected to your smartphone and the detector senses a laser speed detector it will automatically upload that data to the cloud and warn other drivers in the area.

This allows the smartphone running the app to show a laser detected indicator before you are in range of the speed trap. The alerts the system sends are displayed with band, signal strength, and frequency notifications. This allows you to get an approaching live alert warning that will show you a directional arrow to the alert and a distance to the source in case the speed trap is still in place. The cloud network access requires a subscription and the subscription will cost $79.95 through 2012 with the special power cord.

Source: Slashgear

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Radar Jammer: Myth Or Not?

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Let's get down to it: Does anyone have one of these, and if so, does it work. We found this video while researching them and it brings up the question that many of us do wonder: is it a waste of money? Personal experience is always the best information!

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Find Local Speed Traps in Your Area

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Find Local Speed Traps in Your Area
Definitely a great site to bookmark. Find out exactly where those speed traps are in the local cities and suburbs that surround you. Looking over the few that are around me, all of the ones they mention are up-to-date.

[External Link: SpeedTrap Exchange]

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