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Poor service leads Lamborghini to Death

Consumer rights movement in China leads to Lamborghini destruction.

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Poor service leads Lamborghini to Death
One Lamborghini owner in China today decided to take a stand against the poor service he had received from the company. He hired people to publicly destroy the sports car when it failed to function after a service by an official Lamborghini service station.

The protest was made to provoke public support and goad the manufacturer to respect his consumer rights. World Consumer Rights Day happens on March 15th in Qingdao city, eastern Shandong province, China.

Source: MSNBC

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Hummer Sale may fall short to China

Regulatory hurdles from Chinese Government may stop this sale.

Tags: gm, hummer, china, domestic

Hummer Sale may fall short to China
General Motors Corp., seeking to shed unprofitable units after filing for bankruptcy, may have its agreement to sell the Hummer sport-utility vehicle brand blocked by Chinese regulators, threatening 3,000 U.S. jobs.

Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Co.’s bid for Hummer runs counter to China’s attempts to develop a globally competitive auto industry by focusing on fuel-efficient vehicles, according to analysts. The government also wants to pare the nation’s more than 100 automakers to ease competition.

“A new entrant in the car industry is not something they’re looking to see,” said Chip Chaikin, who helps oversee $800 million as managing director of Shanghai-based Blue Point Capital Partners Asia. “It’s pretty unlikely” the deal will go through.

Tengzhong also needs to persuade at least two Chinese government agencies that it can turn Hummer into a profitable company to get clearance for the deal, said Zhang Xin, an analyst with Guotai Junan Securities in Beijing. Hummer’s U.S. sales are plunging as higher gasoline prices and rising job concerns hammer demand for its gas-guzzling SUVs.

Source: Bloomberg

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GM plans to export China-made Cars

Time to spread the designs global.

Tags: gm, china, domestic

GM plans to export China-made Cars
General Motors plans to sell cars in the United States that it makes in China, starting in 2011. That could make GM the first major automaker to import Chinese cars to the U.S. market.

The car maker expects to sell about 17,335 of the China-made vehicles in the United States in 2011, and triple that number to 51,546 in 2014, a planning document circulated by GM among U.S. lawmakers shows.

The gains would come, the document says, as GM's total U.S. sales surge 50 percent in the next five years. The plans are subject to change pending the outcome of negotiations with the UAW.

Many of these vehicles are likely to be small cars similar to the upcoming Chevy Spark, which will be built in South Korea, though the models will be different from any currently built in the United States by any automaker, an industry official said in an interview.

Even at the higher 2014 level, though, cars from China would still account for only 1.6 percent of GM's 3.1 million total expected sales in the U.S. that year, the 12-page document says.

Source: AutoNews

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More Chinese Cars Invading US, Newest Being Flybo

Tags: flybo, china, usa, import, domestic

More Chinese Cars Invading US, Newest Being Flybo
More small, stubby, and ugly cars are set to hit the US; the latest being a company by the name of Flybo. The new venture, named ‘Flybo-EV‘ plans to bring a modest range of 3 electric powered cars that can reach top speeds of 45mph (Thats once you’ve had the limiter taken off, otherwise its 25mph) These cars would be great for inner city travel, and at those prices they are practically free. Their flagship model, the below pictured XFD-6000ZK (try saying that drunk) is their most popular model and can reach upto 70 miles on a 7 to 8 hour charge - you can plug this car in using a standard 110v mains cable coming from the ‘gas’ tank.

It's going to take a lot of self discipline not to flip one of these if I see one parked on the street. For some reason, I think it'd be of great comedic value.

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Gridlock in China

Tags: china, smog, traffic

Gridlock in ChinaChina is feeling the effects of its huge population buying cars. 70% of their air pollution can be attributed to exhaust fumes. Different avenues are being taken to deal with the new problem. In August, Beijing will ban one million cars (one third of the cars on the road) from driving for two weeks to test the effects on smog, new car owners have to pay $6300 dollars for license plates in Shanghai, and in Shenzhen the mayor has simply requested that the city’s residents don’t buy any more cars.

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